Flying Furniture

Never before has tradition been as valuable as it is today. Tecta is synonymous for the Bauhaus movement – but with a forward-thinking approach. Lauenförde lies along the undulating banks of the river Weser. For over 40 years avant-garde designers have flocked to the town with a population of 3,000: be it British architects Peter & Alison Smithson, Mies van der Rohe’s architect, Sergius Ruegenberg, Jean Prouvé, Stefan Wewerka or the great Bauhaus thinkers such as the Gropius family.

Today the family business is managed by Christian Drescher in the fourth generation. Tecta’s mission and responsibility is to preserve and review the best ideas and designs of modernism as created by the Bauhaus movement in Weimar or Dessau. In addition, we are driven by the desire to think forward, enhance and adapt them.

Once you have identified and understood a problem, you can solve and develop it further – that’s evolution. We find new approaches in innovative materials and techniques, for example. Trends are now interchangeable, while cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. We believe that constantly replacing products is unecological and uneconomical. Our mission is to lengthen the lifespan of good designs, both from a social and ecological point of view.

Tecta unites craftsmanship, values and family tradition with the Bauhaus school of thought. This is what makes the company so unique with its cycle of developing and cherishing what the Bauhaus movement once taught and merged with traditional craftsmanship. Both today and yesterday.