Woven chairs

New Wickerwork

Wickerwork is like a network: it can withstand tension, is resilient and helps with creativity. To make the wickerwork of its classic chairs even more sustainable, Tecta set out in search of new materials and found them. The new Öko-Tex materials are durable, skin-friendly and hard-wearing. Materials that combine look and feel, and symbolise Gropius‘ desire to see „art and technology“ as a new unity. The tension between warm wickerwork and cool steel, between aesthetics and technology – this is what characterises the Tecta wickerwork collections. And also the two new materials that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Weaving is the oldest human craft, a language that has been passed down from generation to generation and is currently experiencing a renaissance. Tecta is one of the few places in Germany where wickerwork is a top priority. Reason enough to rethink wickerwork for the future and set out in search of a material that combines traditional techniques with new functionality and aesthetics. A contemporary material that transfers the extraordinary forms and functions of the Bauhaus into the covering and can continue the bold design ideas. It took experts, time and numerous tests to find the right material to achieve the best result. The good news: here it is.

Wickerwork I
Textile with a modern soul

Cozy, textile, made to translate traditional techniques into modern design: this is the new Wickerwork I from Tecta. It has a textile feel and impresses with its durability. The Öko-Tex material is a polypropylene that consists of 16 threads like a sail rope and is twisted around its core. It is light, kind to the skin and has such a high surface tension that it does not absorb liquids. “The future had suddenly become visible!” Heinz Rasch once said when the chair that followed his vision of “floating and swinging” was invented – the cantilever chair. Now it was time to give the modern classic a future-proof face – a weave for the next century, textile and resistant at the same time.

Wickerwork I: PDF-Download

Wickerwork II
Precise weaving,
soft beauty.

Combining durability and aesthetics in a new way, creating elegant functionality with a clear form: the braiding group II emphasises the architectural momentum of the classics. 36 nylon threads twist around its core. A material with an exquisite appearance thanks to its light surface shimmer, which is hard-wearing, UV-resistant and easy to clean. Cosy and architectural at the same time – this innovative woven fibre allows the Tecta collection to be rediscovered: durable objects that combine creativity and beauty with new materials in a meaningful way.

The Oeko-Tex material is a polypropylene that consists of 16 (Wickerwork I) or 32 (Wickerwork II) threads and is twisted around its core.

Light and kind to the skin
Wickerwork I is light, kind to the skin and
has such a high surface tension that it
does not absorb liquids.

Easy to clean
The wickerwork cord is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Persistent dirt can be removed with a soft brush and water, if needed with the addition of pH-neutral soap.

Material origin EU
Wickerwork I is manufactured in the European Union.

Hand-woven in Germany
The wickerwork chairs and armchairs are hand-woven in the TECTA workshops in Lauenförde. This enables us to achieve a
very high product quality

TÜV-tested load capacity
The high load-bearing capacity of Wickerwork I is TÜV-tested. We recommend a maximum user weight of 130 kg.

10-year guarantee
TECTA offers a 10-year guarantee on the wickerwork.