Split Chair
Daniel Lorch

Split Chair
Poetry of construction

The Split Chair is a reinterpretation of classical tubular steel furniture based on modern technologies. Through the combination between high-tech and low-tech, the latest 3D laser technology and traditional tube bending, a construction has been created that combines simplicity and material efficiency, in a poetic manner. The frame made of powder-coated steel tube and the seat made of felt padded, sturdy saddle leather make the stackable chair comfortable and sturdy.

Product info

(*1980 in Baden-Baden) is actually a communication designer. In 2006 – while still studying at the HTWG Konstanz – he worked at the renowned design studio Integral Ruedi Baur et associés in Paris.

In Berlin, he began to realise his first products autodidactically. In 2010, he founded his own office, Daniel Lorch Industrial Design, which was later joined by the L&Z product brand. Since then, Lorch has designed award-winning luminaires, furniture and developed projects in the field of industrial and exhibition design.