Più eleganza
Elegant trio for mobile working

A surprising trio even at first glance: the idea of mobility and flexible working was the inspiration for the cooperation between Tecta and PB 0110, resulting in an ensemble made from the same hand-picked leather: the D4 folding chair by Marcel Breuer with a new matching stool. In addition, a side bag that stands like an object in the room and can function as furniture, created by artist and designer Ayzit Bostan. A group, functional and emotional. Designed for the flexible office and manufactured in elaborate bag making.


The collaboration between PB 0110 and Tecta began at a meeting in Lauenförde. “The place vibrates,” says Philipp Bree. “The Tecta cantilever chair museum inspired us to think further about the suspension of home and office. We are on the move, becoming increasingly mobile and nomadic. Having all the important things with you provides security. This is how the new combination of bag, armchair and stool came about.

The idea for the bag was developed by Ayzit Bostan, who Philipp Bree invited for the project. She designed the elegant shape, which is reminiscent of a boat. “I based the proportions of the bag on those of the D4”, she says, “both should complement each other harmoniously”. The result is an object that is large enough to store your personal office, valuable enough to be made to last, and elegant enough to enter into a dialogue with Breuer’s folding chair. Marcel Breuer already had the vision of designing a light and flexible piece of furniture for boats or tennis courts when he developed this beautifully shaped chair. Ayzit Bostan was inspired by this idea. A large base that fits a laptop, the sides not too high so that you can look inside: the bag has internal compartments and recessed zips to keep things tidy in the office and when travelling.

After the bag and the D4 folding chair corresponded with each other, the collection lacked a stool as a mobile work element. Here, too, Ayzit Bostan was inspired by the Breuer model and adopted the detail of the tubular steel runner. The collaboration resulted in a stool that fits naturally into the collection. Just like the armchair, it can be folded to save space and can also be hung on the wall.

Elegance, fine details and an exceptional leather quality characterise the three objects and unite them. “With the D4, I wanted a lively leather as a contrast to the hard tubular steel,” reports Philipp Bree. “The ensemble had to be made of the same natural leather. This was not an easy process, as the bag is thinner and more supple at around 1.5 mm leather. The armchair and stool needed a thicker, 3.5 mm material. I found both at Lake Constance in a family business that still uses traditional dyeing methods.” The manufacturing quality that PB 0110 and Tecta stand for is evident in the details: highly polished tubular steel, Täschner’s expertise in hand-picked leather, carefully crafted seams and a fine brass buckle for the backrest of the D4. A trio that becomes more beautiful with time and makes its owners look elegant – whether in black or natural-coloured leather.

Leather reflects life
Interview with Philipp Bree

Making fewer products, consuming more consciously, reducing everyday life to the most important things – Philipp Bree founded his PB 0110 brand in 2012, focussing on the contemporary design of bags made from natural leather. The label has since won several awards and is available in 90 selected shops worldwide. The bag specialist with the hand-picked leathers talks about its alliance with Tecta and the levers for sustainability.

You are known for special leather bags, but what is your connection with classic furniture?

Philipp Bree: I was born into a furniture family. My grandfather’s family worked in the furniture industry in Hanover. My parents got to know each other through furniture and I completed my training in an office furniture company. I also feel a connection to furniture when developing my bag collection. My collection is designed to be sustainable and to last a long time.

How did the new products with Tecta come about?

Philipp Bree: I walked around the Tecta site with enthusiasm, it vibrates, you can feel it. And that gave me the idea of rethinking the topic of working from home, which has taken on a new meaning due to corona. We are on the move, becoming more mobile, more nomadic. Having all the important things with us gives us a sense of security. This is how the new combination of bag and armchair came about. A bag that stands like an object in the room and is not limited to the home office. An iconic armchair that is light and transportable. Both are functional, but also emotional. I call it emotional functionality. It has to feel good, fit me well and have space for everything important.

Who was able to realise your ideas in terms of design?

Philipp Bree: I approached the designer and artist Ayzit Bostan with this idea. She has a gift for creating something new with detailed interventions. This is how she designed the elegant bag with a flat base. It is reminiscent of a boat, a classic bag shape. Now we had the bag and the D4 folding chair. On closer inspection, a stool was missing as an element for mobile working. The stool functions as a shelf, side table or ottoman. And so the trio was born.


Why did you choose leather for the new trio?

Philipp Bree: I’m a fan of leather, because leather reflects life through use. If it is well made, it is durable and a good example of upcycling. We only work with European partners and use leather with the highest honours. For the D4, I wanted a lively leather as a contrast to the hard tubular steel. The Trio ensemble was to be made of the same natural leather. This was not an easy process, as the bag is thinner and more supple with approx. 1.5 mm leather. The armchair and stool needed a thick, 3.5 mm thick, robust leather. I found both at Lake Constance in a family business that still works in the traditional way. A vegetable tanning process in which natural, plant-based materials are used. The leather parts are stitched, the seams are finished – that’s our bagmaking expertise at work. The backrest of Breuer’s folding armchair is held in place by elegant PB 0110 brass clasps. A special trio in just two colours: black and natural leather.

You are in favour of fewer, but more tailored products and more conscious consumption. What drives you?

Philipp Bree: What drives me is the relationship between people and objects. I believe that objects gain individuality through daily use and can become beloved companions over time. The awareness of beloved objects presupposes a debate about what we allow into our personal living space and what we do not. Regardless of price, form or function. For me, the personal connection is crucial. With the result that we hopefully consume less and more consciously and are thus connected with the things that surround us. “Less and connected”. Let’s imagine that the 10,000 things we have at home on average become a curated 8,000 – an enormous lever for sustainability.