F8 »Hatch«
Geckeler Michels

Sculpture in space

Floating plastic or comfortable couch?
The new F8 sofa group from Tecta can do both: define spaces and make people happy with comfortable seating.

It quotes Bauhaus, but makes room for the desire for comfort and cosiness: the new sofa group from Tecta, consisting of the F8 armchair, F8-2, a two-seater and F8-3, the new three-seater. The furniture is large enough to be a striking sculpture in the room; clear enough to give it stability and expression. An ensemble that emphasises striking volume, while the ground clearance under the bench gives it a floating character.

Clear, geometric and yet comfortable …

… is the design by Geckeler Michels, the designer duo from Berlin that stands for a calm, well thought-out design language. “F8 combines a shell surface with an inserted seat,” explains David Geckeler, “it quotes the cantilever that Tecta’s cantilever chair DNA stands for. You can see the cubic element like Gropius, but at the same time you have a sculpture in the room.”

Bringing Bauhaus modernism into the present day was an exciting challenge for David Geckeler and Frank Michels. “In the past, the emphasis was on conservative seating, but today people like to lounge around. That’s why F8 is deeper and softer.” The armrests are expressive, inviting you to touch them and feel good with their corduroy and woollen fabrics. “The shape should be articulate, austere but soft to the touch,” the designers wanted. Hatch achieves the leap in scale: defining spaces and simply making people happy through comfortable seating.

Product info

David Geckeler and Frank Michels founded their design studio in Berlin in 2013. The duo formulates innovative positions that consciously incorporate the history of design, contemporary technologies and digital design methods. The functionalist approach of GECKELER MICHELS is usually complemented by an intriguing detail or logic that gives the product an exciting and therefore lasting story.