Marco Dessí

D70 & C70
»The Optimist«
Lounge chair & stool
Marco Dessí

D70 – the new Tecta armchair is reminiscent of a small bunk and puts the signs on optimism: set sail with a fresh breeze – whether for reading or fireside hours.

If a strong wind blows from the south, you might think the D70 turns into the gust and starts its cruise through the waves. A small sailor with a high backrest, a berth that shields you from the rest of the world or forms a reduced version of the traditional fireplace chair – Marco Dessí’s new furniture releases many images that go far beyond sitting. With its oval seat, it allows to tighten the legs, to align the screen, to form a small retreat with matching ottoman in the room. In short: to simply sit down.

Product info

The D70 is the first piece of furniture that designer Marco Dessí has built for Tecta, although he has been interested in the “Flying Furniture” for a long time. “Visiting Tecta at the fair was like coming into an art gallery,” he says, “you are in awe, decelerated, the furniture shows character. They educate us. Because they are not born out of a trend, they are idiosyncratic, you can feel the connection to art. So they embody the idea of the avant-garde in a light, unassuming way.”

Marco Dessí *1976 in Merano, lives and works in Vienna. He studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since founding his own design studio in 2007, he has already realised a number of projects with well-known Austrian manufacturers.

In 2013, Dessí realised the exhibition “still life” at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Vienna. Dessí’s approach is practical and cooperative; design is understood as an interactive process. Self-initiated projects serve to experiment with materials and challenge processes that are later applied to commercial projects or further developed for industrial or craft reproduction processes. In his work, Dessí emphasises transparency in the sense of a consistent link between the design process and actual production conditions. In the uncompromising combination of function, construction and aesthetics, the striving for the perfect design object is fulfilled; the logic of assembling and disassembling, the precise relations of form and dimension are just as relevant as intelligent material combinations and sophisticated detail design.