LOT Lite & D9
@ Design Post Patio Space

The circular shape is the defining element of the new LOT Lite. More precisely, the semicircle. The two supporting surfaces of the table legs are divided by a large semicircle and connect filigree at two points with the tabletop above. The tabletop itself is also rounded in the shape of a semicircle at both ends and adapts fluidly to the surrounding space.

Patio Space
Design Post Köln

Visit our showroom in the Design Post Cologne and the Patio Space, the hybrid meeting place with café and lounge areas, which was created based on the concept by Studio Besau Marguerre.

The aesthetic of the never-ending line

New take on the Bauhaus’ original idea of »floating and flying«: with the D9, Wolfgang Hartauer puts smart geometry into the spotlight. Good posture for the body and aesthetics for the mind. After some 100 years Marcel Breuer has now received a contemporary answer to his dream of floating and flying. The D9 is a new take on the iconic cantilever chair. Combining opulence with radical minimalism, lavish on the sides, held in a signature floating position in the front.

Wolfgang Hartauer
»manual laborer«

The educated carpenter and studied architect, who describes himself as a »manual laborer«, went into business for himself in 2014 with his design company Interior Things, based in Holzminden. The common thread of his work: creating clear design and order with passion and precision.