K8 series
Wolfgang Hartauer

K8 series
Architecture on a small scale

Tap it lightly and the tabletop opens out. You virtually expect some kind of buzzing sound but the movement follows your hand noiselessly. Wolfgang Hartauer’s tables are ingenious marvels. Sculptural cylinders that make a statement out of a room. Hartauer designed them while looking for a decent coffee table.

Nothing suitable to be found? He made a virtue of necessity and simply created one himself. Ulm-born Hartauer, who studied architecture in Munich, shaped rings out of MDF boards and joined them together seamlessly like the annual growth rings on a tree. For him the fact that the base of the larger table would remain hollow had a beneficial side effect in that it provided storage space.

This table is not just a table. The black lacquered MDF rings lend it a structure. The revolving tabletop that opens out to the side can be used to store things and allows you to look inside. Hartauer’s motto: »All that is revealed must be beautiful.« The interior is striking: meticulously crafted with a stainless steel shaft that revolves noiselessly on slide bearings and makes the whole thing movable. Perfect like clockwork.


Product info

The qualified carpenter and trained architect, who freely admits he likes to work with his hands, went freelance in 2014 with his design firm Interior Things based in Holzminden. The central theme of his work is creating clear designs and order through passion and precision. Thus also arose “Meterware”, his desk and wall tray system. True to Hartauer’s intent, a design that urges: “Take me in your hands and move me!” Powder-coated aluminium profiles hold stylish wooden or felt trays.

Everything fits, nothing catches, it’s all playfully experiential and accessible. Sensuous, tactile and precise, all at the same time. Asked what he will do in the next life, Hartauer is quick to respond: become a watchmaker. Surprising? Not really, rather the logical consequence of his approach to aesthetics and order, and truly befitting of him.