D4 & K40

D4 & K40 all in red
by Marcel Breuer

A sense of beauty paired with functionality. This combination characterizes many Marcel Breuer designs, but especially the folding chair D4. The foldable tubular steel club chair with belt covering was created in 1926/27.

The edition of the D4 and the table K40 in raspberry red is available to order now. The tubular steel can also be powder coated in other colors on request.

Perfection of construction and detail. Of course, the first thing we associate with Bauhaus master Marcel Breuer is one material: tubular steel. And one principle: the cantilever chair, which sparked modern furniture design. “Humankind was freed from the tethers of rigid sitting to enjoy the freedom of the floating seat. The cantilever chair was a symbol of its time.” But this does not really do justice to Marcel Lajos (“Lajkó”) Breuer (1902-1981). What he really pursued was research into the essence of objects: what should, what can a modern piece of furniture do today, was the Bauhaus question.

Marcel Breuer

K40, that’s squaring the circle. And quite literally. The round crystal glass top rests on a curved steel tube, which in turn horizontally braces a square frame. There is no simpler way to construct a table – and hardly more convincing. The rounded corners of the horizontal supports reappear as fine steel loops of the runners.

h 71cm, w 78cm, d 61cm

h 60cm, ⌀ 80cm

D4 & K40: True to the original and with license
How can you recognize the original Bauhaus reeditions from Tecta? The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin only approves true-to-work and licensed reeditions of the original Bauhaus models. These are marked with Oskar Schlemmer’s signet, which he designed for the Weimar State Bauhaus in 1922. Even today, our Bauhaus models are based exactly on the proportions of the originals.