Utopia is on the road
Bauhaus and mobility: adventures off the beaten track

Floating, swaying, gliding – the desire for movement was a hallmark of the Bauhaus. In 1926 the architect, photographer, designer, graphic artist and painter El Lissitzky postulated: “The static architecture of the Egyptian pyramid has been overcome: our architecture rolls, swims and flies. It will sway and float in the air. I want to help invent and form this new reality.”

With this inspiration he already created a design that still stands for sustainability and a break with the past today, giving us answers to questions that are of more concern than ever 100 years later. From timeless design, from smart living to the desire for healthy mobility. Does it exist? The artists and creators of the Bauhaus came up with their own answers to these questions. Tecta interpreted them playfully and uses them to evolve future-forward mobility in the Bauhaus tradition. Following the concept of British architect Peter Smithson – Utopia is on the road – the Swiss bicycle maker OPEN has launched a collection that is fast tracking the Bauhaus.


Tecta X Open Bikes & Furniture

The delivery of the bikes, backgrounds and first details are documented on the successful Youtube channel of Enjoyyourbike. (Video in german)

A bicycle furniture history
Fact Sheet Tecta X Open Bikes & Furniture