Novelties 2022


We enjoyed it very much to finally exchange with you again about novelties, materials, trends and colors in the context of the “Novelties 2022 – Design Post Cologne”. And because it was so nice, we have summarized the highlights for you again here – we hope you enjoy discovering them!



D8P-1 & D8P-2

A new addition to the hospitable family: the favorite armchair for round tables has a swivel base and is also available in a bar version.

Box seat: The D8P has long since become the epitome of stylish, comfortable dining. Now designer Martin Hirth has further developed the product range: the comfortable chair is now dedicated to a swivel base and a high-legged bar variant. Both are distinguished by the fact that they turn to face their seat neighbors at lightning speed and allow bump-free entry and exit.

From the art of living

Bauhaus teacher Josef Albers once said: “Art means making three out of one and one”. The K26 is art and a life artist at the same time, because its form tells a lot about life in and with space. It is characterized by minimalist practicality instead of opulence, by clarity that has taken nature as its model. A special melange: its design language is organic, the materials classic. The asymmetrical tabletop, reminiscent of a grand piano, floats on a chrome-plated steel tube. Innovative is the height adjustability, which immediately adapts to wishes.

New colors and fabrics.
Powdered steel tubes

As part of our cooperation with the Swiss racing bike manufacturer “Open”, we have designed some of our most beautiful furniture in new colors and fabrics. Particularly noteworthy here are the powdered steel tubes, as they give the models D40, B40, D9 and D4 a completely new and contemporary expression.

Relaxed position

A chair that is not rigid but “follows the movements of the human body and yields to changes in posture” – Heinz Rasch described these requirements for seating furniture as early as 1928 in his book “Der Stuhl”.

Tecta takes up this idea with its latest new development, the D14. Clear, functional and unobtrusive at first glance, the D14 presents itself with a twinkle in its eye at second glance: by shifting weight, the upright posture changes to a relaxed position.

Parking allowed: Look forward to the Z10 bicycle stand: Elegant form meets intelligent design – by the way, it also works as a coat rack/butler – more on that shortly …