Relaxed position.
Yielding is not a question of posture

A chair that is not rigid but “follows the movements of the human body and yields to changes in posture” – Heinz Rasch described these requirements for seating furniture as early as 1928 in his book “Der Stuhl”.

Tecta takes up this idea with its latest new development, the D14. Clear, functional and unobtrusive at first glance, the D14 presents itself with a twinkle in its eye at second glance: by shifting weight, the upright posture changes to a relaxed position.

At the same time, the classic chair without back legs seamlessly continues Tecta’s long tradition of cantilever chairs. Floating and swinging as El Lissitzky predicted is shown here with a new movement function and through a lot of comfort. Yielding as a matter of posture: with the D14, movement at the table is no longer a faux pas, but wanted – whether for relaxed conversations or evenings.