Welcome to stay
Studio Dessí

Installation »Circles«
by Studio Dessí
»Welcome to stay«

The “Circles” installations at imm cologne 2024 present artfully staged, theme-specific installations by renowned design studios. In his Circles creation in Hall 4, Stand B61, Marco Dessí focuses on the roof as a metaphor for his chosen theme of hospitality.

The designer, who lives in Vienna, is designing a temporary setting for the furniture, a stage with a scenery that wants more than to create a lovely Illusion of hospitality.

The materials and semi-finished products from the construction industry are decontextualized and, much like in a stage play, serve as a canvas for the projection of ideas and interpretations.

The true protagonists, however, are the furniture and lighting designs crafted by Studio Dessí.

In the interpretation by Studio Dessí, hospitality is also characterised by cultural traditions and artistic impulses. The installation is thus reminiscent of a pavilion in the middle of a (trade fair) landscape, which magnetically draws visitors like a milestone.

The dominant form in the Circle installation on the theme of hospitality is the roof – because “the roof seemed to us to be the purest form of welcoming”, says Marco Dessí. The Vienna-based designer has created a temporary setting for the furniture, a stage whose backdrop aims to do more than create a beautiful illusion of hospitality – rather, the installation is intended to demonstrate the original use of (borrowed) materials and semi-finished products from a wide range of applications.

The real stars on this stage are the furnishings. They will remain long after the elements of the installation have returned to the cycle of trade fair construction and the building industry. Studio Dessi’s message is to play creatively with the living objects that characterize the interior design and bring the installation together as a whole: The Tecta D70 and Thonet 520 chairs invite you to stay and discuss, while the cable ropes of the hanging Cima lights (Lodes) “ground” the inflatable roof, which looks like a giant donut, and turn it into an architectural element that is both supporting and floating.

In Studio Dessí’s interpretation, hospitality is also characterized by cultural traditions and artistic impulses. It is no coincidence that the installation is reminiscent of a pavilion in the middle of a (trade fair) landscape, which magnetically attracts visitors like a waymark. The open, light-flooded patio on the roof is also reminiscent of James Turrell’s work, while the enigmatic art object “Sea of Stories” by Quirin Krumbholz on the glass table is intended to provide food for thought.

Marco Dessí *1976 in Merano, lives and works in Vienna. He studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since founding his own design studio in 2007, he has already realized a number of projects with well-known Austrian manufactories.

In 2013, Dessí implemented the exhibition “still life” at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Vienna. Dessí’s approach is practical and collaborative, design is understood as an interactive process. Self-initiated projects serve to experiment with materials and challenge processes that are later applied to commercial projects or further developed for industrial or craft duplication processes. In his work, Dessí emphasizes transparency in the sense of a consistent link between the design process and actual production conditions. In the uncompromising combination of function, construction and aesthetics, the striving for the perfect design object is fulfilled; the logic of assembly and disassembly, the precise relations of form and dimension are just as relevant as intelligent material combinations and sophisticated detail design.