IMM Cologne 2020
New products at the furniture fair

As part of IMM Cologne 2020, TECTA will be presenting three new products. K5 – the new side table by Thomas Schnur, D9 – the new cantilever chair by Wolfgang Hartauer and Martin Hirth’s makeover of his dining chair D8P.




Still floating or already flying?

Thomas Schnur’s new side table is based on a constructive idea. Thanks to its light, organic shape, it adapts to new uses in next to no time. Some say it looks like an insect, while others compare it rather to a vertebrate. Either way, the new K5 by Thomas Schnur is clearly a member of the well-loved side creature family.


Aesthetic of the endless line

New take on the Bauhaus’ original idea of “floating and flying”: with the D9, Wolfgang Hartauer puts smart geometry into the spotlight. Good posture for the body and aes-thetics for the mind. After some 100 years Marcel Breuer has now received a contemporary answer to his dream of floating and flying.


Sitting comfortably

Individuality of sitting – Martin Hirth revamps his D8P as a dining chair in good Bauhaus tradition. Martin Hirth has now given his D8P, a com-fortable dining chair, a new velvet outfit. At the same time, he has added qualities that are normally the hallmarks of true companions: furniture you don’t want to get up from.