Martin Hirth

Gropius reversed

Martin Hirth’s D8P updates the icon with lots of charm. For me, the F51 embodies the very essence of Bauhaus furniture. I wanted to translate the silhouette and the charisma of this armchair into a plain chair.”

In the summer of 2017 Martin Hirth started developing his chair, which has now acquired a new character all of its own. The D8P is the answer to the quest for a comfortable upholstered dining chair. At the same time, it pays homage to the concept of the cantilever armrest – a hallmark of the F51 – although Martin Hirth has reversed it in his version.

“The chair design consists almost exclusively out of basic geometric shapes,” explains the designer. It stands out for the combination of all disciplines in its construction and manufacturing, the integration of crafts and rational use of materials – fundamental virtues of the Bauhaus.

“And it boasts another hallmark of the Bauhaus: the ability to make a lasting visual impact. These were my lines of thought for the chair. A product that will last for a long time and should not be a short-lived fad,” says Hirth.

The D8P can serve as a comfortable dining chair both at home and in a restaurant setting. It straddles the line between minimalism and opulence. Martin Hirth: “I try to design products in such a way that they not only have functional properties but also emotional values. They need to exude a certain charm.”

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