TECTA M36 andre weissert tisch front 1
TECTA M36 andre weissert tisch persp 2
TECTA M36 andre weissert tisch seite 3


Andree Weissert, 2013


The M36 table is Tecta’s most recent furniture item. The company’s co-owner, Christian Drescher, met Andree Weissert­ at a design festival in 2013. Tecta’s­­presentation was entitled »Flying Furni­ture«, and Weissert’s was called »I Believe I Can Fly«. As a result of this happy coincidence, the two fell into conversa­tion, and are now working together, united in their passion for the poetry of design and the belief that it is essentially a dialogue between ideas, materials, and production techniques. The table is the third in a series in­spired by a U-Bahn viaduct seen on a­ Sunday stroll in Berlin’s Kreuzberg dis­trict. The structure of the bridge, designed by engineers to absorb dynamic stresses, consists of loadbearing struts and braces that follow the

lines of force and combine them into a functional whole. It is entirely self-contained, a quality that Weissert’s work also seeks to achieve. He describes himself as a »structural engineer of the emotions«, and his works are usually assembled in the workshop before being recorded on paper. The version with the wooden base reflects the constraints of the studio, while the tubular frame is the result of his own observations, and of conversations with Axel Bruchhäuser and Christian Drescher in the Tecta factory.

Material & Colour

ash wood, lacquer stain: black, white, red, yellow, petrol blue or lightgrey,

wood stain:
nature, oak, walnut              

Dimensions (cm)

Width: 250
Depth: 90
Height: 74


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