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Walter Gropius, 1922/23,
Chair for the Vestibül of Fagus-Werkes, Alfeld, 1910


Designed by architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, the Fagus Factory was erected in 1911. A landmark in the history of modern architecture, the Fagus Factory was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. 

Visiting the Fagus Factory in 1972, Axel and Werner Bruchhäuser chanced upon a group of white chairs in the vest­ibule. Axel Bruchhäuser’s persistent inquiries as to the provenance of these objects led him to a book on the construction of the Fagus Factory, within which he discovered a design sketch byGropius. A request to Ise Gropius for a production license met with an enthusiastic response. Over the decades, Bruchhäuser maintained close ties 

with Ise Gropius and subsequently with her daughter Ati Gropius, who studied under Josef Albers at Black Mountain College. It was, in fact, Ise Gropius who would eventually introduce Marcel Breuer and Axel Bruchhäuser.

Material & Colour

solid ash, black, white or natural lacquered, flat cushions for back and seat

Back and seat:

cushion, fabric or leather



Dimensions (cm)

Width: 60
Depth: 56
Height: 79
Seat height:

Vestibül im Fagus-Werk, Alfeld

Walter Gropius, 1922/23

Gropius D51

product variant:

Tecta D51-2 small


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