D70 & C70
Marco Dessí

»I’m very excited about this furniture – it’s one of my most personal designs in a long time,« says designer Marco Dessí, a native of South Tyrol with a studio in Vienna. The interplay of geometric figures distinguishes his D70. The trapezoid of the backrest, the triangle of the front legs and an unusual oval at the seat. It invites you to try it out: Legs up – you can even fit a book or laptop next to it. A clear design that quickly reveals the references to Tecta and the Bauhaus.

»In my way of working, I often rethink classic typologies,” says Dessí, “I try to understand them and use deconstruction to develop my own story. The D70 was meant to be a clear, formally legible piece of furniture entirely in Tecta’s DNA. For example, we show the beautiful construction of the legs, which we do not hide in the upholstery, but allow to become a visible jewel, stretching the backrest in shape. This gesture is characteristic of the D70.«

Thus, Dessí’s design naturally joins the ranks of timeless classics. The D70 can form groupings or arrangements or linger for two by the crackling fireplace. It can be used in a wide range of applications, whether in public spaces or in private.

The D70 is the first piece of furniture that designer Marco Dessí has built for Tecta, although he has been interested in the »Flying Furniture« for a long time. »Visiting Tecta at the fair was like coming into an art gallery,« he says, »you are in awe, decelerated, the furniture shows character. They educate us. Because they are not born out of a trend, they are idiosyncratic, you can feel the connection to art. So they embody the idea of the avant-garde in a light, unassuming way.«

Marco Dessí *1976 in Merano, lives and works in Vienna. He studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since founding his own design studio in 2007, he has already realised a number of projects with well-known Austrian manufacturers.