F41-E: In a design sketched around 1928, Marcel Breuer attempted to combine a bicycle and seating furniture to create a lounger on wheels. The project remained on paper for a long time. Since 1984, Tecta has been producing the dynamic lounger – a vehicle with which one can follow the light reflected in the frame in free air on hand-woven surfaces. In this way, the contrast between relaxation and movement is cancelled out in the F41-E lounger.

Serie M4R

The M4RS console trolley is a true hybrid. It is composed of the large spoked wheels of the F41-E Bauhaus lounger, the elegantly curved frame of the M40 Bauhaus coffee table and the practical drawer of the K2D Oblique desk. Or as Josef Albers once said: “Art means making three out of one and one”.

»Utopia is on the Road«
Peter Smithson