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Partner Special #01
Gyselinck Design
Kortrijk, Belgium

Today we are launching a new newsletter series: we introduce you to our dealers and partners. From Europe to Japan, South Korea, China and Australia. We start with Gyselinckdesign in Belgium. A partnership that goes back to the 70s. In autumn, Tecta presented itself with Gyselinck at Design Nation in Kortrijk – a very successful trade fair exhibition that is now being continued in the Gyselinckdesign showroom. It is well worth a visit if you happen to be in beautiful Flanders. In addition to design, art and architecture, there is much to discover.

Gyselinckdesign was founded in 1910. The ancestor Jerome Gyselinck acquired his knowledge by working at the “Kunstwerkstede Der Gebroeders De Coene” and opened his own shop in Kortrijk. In 1922, he moved to a larger workshop where he made and sold classic furniture, which is the business today.

The third generation, Geo Gyselinck, joined the business in 1970 and focussed passionately on modern, timeless furniture design and art. Today, Gyselinck is one of the most beautiful and individualised furniture stores in the world. A place where design, art and architecture harmonise perfectly.

Geo Gyselinck with Tecta lamp by Stefan Borkenhagen, ca. 1990

The fourth generation, Virginie and Gregory Gyselinck, have owned the inmoto agency since 2004 and sell some of the biggest brands in Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the best design shops.

Father and son. 3rd and 4th generation. Geo and Gregory Gyselinck

art by geo gyselinck & geo gyselinck collection

Gyselinckdesign | wijngaardstraat 26-28 | nieuwstraat 9 | 8500 kortrijk | T. +32 56 22 08 24