Gropius’ new clothes

We are very pleased to finally be able to invite you to the Salone del Mobile in Milan again. From april 18 to 23, in Pavillion 4, Stand M06, we will present our novelties – including the F51N in its new look by Katrin Greiling.

It was the Roaring Twenties and there was something in the air: “Defying gravity and overcoming the earth’s inertia, in impression and appearance,” was the aim of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. Like the cubic cantilever design of his F51 Director’s Chair, these prophetic words stood for a new chapter of modern seating: the cantilever concept. The armrests of the F51 protruded freely and even the back of the chair did not touch the ground. A piece that embraced Lissitzky’s vision and was considered an innovation.

The armrests of the F51 cantilevered freely and the back hovered above the floor. A piece that consciously took up Lissitzky’s visions and was considered an innovation.

For her reinterpretation of the F51, Katrin Greiling now shows that the surfaces and colour tones of this icon can be rethought. She presents the Gropius armchair in striking worlds of colour and texture that change perspectives, guide the eye and create a transfer to contemporary furniture.

Katrin Greiling divides the armchair into three design areas: Frame, seat and armrest upholstery. She presents the striking, geometric wooden frame in new colours, which are translated into high-gloss lacquer. Colour plays a major role in all her designs and so it is with the F51. She uses colour and texture to guide the eye, emphasising form and proportion. Inspiration was also provided by the textile works of Gunta Stölzl – a contemporary of Walter Gropius and master weaver at the Bauhaus – one of the most important workshops, whose historical significance is still often underestimated today. Katrin Greiling’s F51 thus becomes an interplay of geometries, colours and textures that skilfully combines today and yesterday.

Juggler of Disciplines. Katrin Greiling is a storyteller who loves poetry: When it comes to combining tradition with modernity, Katrin Greiling is like a magician: a dab of colour here, fabrics there, and, hey presto, you get an amazing result.