L25 Tafellampje

Third edition limited to 200 pieces

Rietveld’s small tafellampje is a treasure that is still waiting to be discovered. He designed this table lamp with its strict geometric shape in 1925. Surprisingly modern for its time, it has never been produced in series before. After consulting Rietveld’s heirs, Tecta decided to give the lamp the attention it deserves. The exact dimensions of the original drawing served as the basis of a small, exclusive series – made in Germany.


height 38,1cm | width 11,8cm | depth 19cm

»The maker of things – sometimes of magical things« (Peter Smithson, 1965).

Carefully reflecting on my personal relationship with Rietveld and Haus Schröder, my first thought was that there should not be too much talk; because what I admired most about Rietveld was his calm. His seemed to me the only pattern of behavior for a true architect.” Rietveld touched only small things, each given its own life, enriching the city (usually his own hometown), for its own ordinary good. Except that sometimes it became a world event that touched everyone. Never the assessor, the councilor, the writer of introductory remarks, the knowing expert at government commissions. Simply a builder and furniture maker. Simply a Baumann and furniture maker?

Available in black matt and black glossy