TECTA D62 weiss-Ahorn Pressa-Sessel El-Lissitzky detail
TECTA D62 weiss-Ahorn Pressa-Sessel El-Lissitzky persp 3
TECTA D62 weiss-Ahorn Pressa-Sessel El-Lissitzky persp 2


El Lissitzky, 1928

Armchair for the »Pressa« ­Exhibition in Cologne, 1928


[…] Other investigations led to an arm­chair designed in 1928, which was in­-tended for the Soviet Pavilion of the Pressa Exhibition in Cologne and only drafted after its opening. The comfortable semi-circle – an upholstered forerunner of the portable Dresden plywood model – was meant to encourage a re­-laxed, club-style concentration in the viewer for the »Lenin and the Press« part of the exhibition. Today the model, originally formulated in red, is an opening to other reading, for instance the book »The Stolen Paintings« by Ingeborg Prior about the life of Sophie Lissitzky-Küpper and her art collection. This gives an account of how Lissitzky’s son Jen was adopted initially by ­Tecta for three years, after he emigrated from the USSR in 1989 with his wife

Natascha and their St. Bernard, Dschuna. What is not mentioned in the book is that Dschuna travelled in a transportation crate which was specially made for her by Tecta. But this is just an indication that artists, constructors, and craftsmen all belong equally in the field of design –people, in fact, who identify with their work.

Material & Colour

upholstery, lacquered, red, black, white or blue


loose cushion in fabric or leather

Dimensions (cm)

Width: 75
Depth: 63
Height: 71
Seat height: 43