Made in Germany

The workshops

The smells of wood, metal, leather and lacquer merge into a sensual experience. “They alone would enable you to find your way around the Tecta workshops blindfolded,” says British architect Peter Smithson.

Carpentry workshop

The Carpentry workshop manufactures the Tecta furniture with its timeless language and high durability according to traditional manufacturing methods. In doing so, we are enthusiastic about the natural beauty of the carefully selected woods, from oak, ash and walnut to white fir.


Weaving is pure manual labour, an ancient craft of mankind. The traditional weaving of the chairs in the workshops in Lauenförde requires a lot of strength in the hands, great skill and the highest dexterity. The basketry craft is rooted in our region. The willows needed for traditional basketry grew directly along the streams and rivers in the immediate vicinity.


At Tecta Upholstery, true craftsmanship begins where industrial production reaches its limits. For us, craftsmanship still means tradition, combined with openness to new materials and innovative ideas. Care and skill are just as much in demand as the expert handling of very different materials, which are sensitively coordinated and precisely joined together.

Metal workshop

Marcel Breuer produced prototypes of the first tubular steel furniture in the Junkers aircraft factories in the 1920s. Today, development and production at Tecta are mature. A special focus is on the production of chair frames without back legs, which on the one hand must have a high degree of stability and at the same time easily yield to the body weight and thus enable pleasant swinging for comfortable sitting.

Responsibility for the people of the region, standing up for product quality, cultivating craftsmanship, Made in Germany.