Andree Weißert

A table from the metal workshop

When Andree Weißert was looking for a new material for a tabletop, he researched his favorite playground construction. The solution was eternit – rough, neutral and light. The result was a ten-millimeter-thin cement board. Uncomplicated, oiled and ever more beautiful through use. The rest is pure workshop: a steel frame that tells more about the work than its habitus. Completely welded, seamlessly joined. A table as a child would draw it – that makes it cleverly uncomplicatedand absolutely adaptable.

Product info

Andree Weißert is a carpenter and architect. On these foundations he started “saw” in Berlin in 2009, a design studio with a focus on architecture, room conception and furniture design. His fascination with the potential of rooms, his passion for design and the joy he feels in creating things, are the hallmarks of Weißert’s work. His collaboration with Tecta in 2013 started with three pieces of furniture – the M36 and M36E tables and the K36 bench. This was followed by the M38, the “Red Table”, in 2015. He designed it while working on the extensive renewal of Tecta’s headquarters in Lauenförde, which has just seen its successful completion.