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Erich Brendel, 1924

On castors with 4 flaps, adjustable


Erich Brendel (1898 – 1987)
Dining table M10 Bauhaus Weimar 1924

Erich Brendel described this creation quite humbly as a »Tea Table«. Designed in 1924 at the Bauhaus in Weimar, the folding table is mounted on castors. A reproduction of the original design, built without Brendel’s knowledge, is on display at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. The original prototype from 1924, upon which Tecta’s reproduction is based, survived the upheavals of the twentieth century in the care of Bauhaus artist Karla Luz-Roland in Aachen. In 1968 an offer by MoMA New York to purchase the prototype was declined. Luz-Roland – a friend of the company of many years –

gifted the prototype to Tecta in 1982, where it has joined the collection held ­by the Cantilever Chair Museum in Lauenförde. This coffee table format was created in close consultation with creator Erich Brendel.

Material & Colour

Corpus and 4 plates:
ashveneer, lacquered white, black, red or natural, inside shelf and 2 insert plates in black, on castors

Dimensions (cm)

Width: 45–125
Depth: 45–125
Height: 60


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