Armchair & folding chair
Klemens Grund

Tecta D7K

»What attracts me is the sculptural and plastic element,” says Klemens Grund.

A chair is an object that is popular with designers despite the challenges it poses. Its proportions are similar to those of the human body. “It is figurativeand always requires the same conditions. What attracts me is the sculptural andplastic element,” says Klemens Grund.

Grund came up with the idea of folding chair D7K while he was working for thearchitect Peter Zumthor. There he designed a folding chair with armrests that was also flexible. A piece of furniture you can put aside and offer your guests without it being a make shift solution.

The realisation of the D7 was a good piece of teamwork: In Martin Bereuter of Carpentry Bereuter in Bregenzer Wald the designer found a formidable partner for making his chair. Following the tradition of the New Vorarlberg School, Tectahas now also commissioned master carpenter Bereuter to make this delicatepiece of furniture. Today, Bregenzer Wald is already well-known for its craftsmanship even beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. The region stands for authenticmaterials, for bringing together past and future, and for its design idiom and construction.

Tecta D7K Hamburg-2018
Tecta D7K Stuhl

D7K & D7

Hence, the new D7 chair by Klemens Grund reflects Tecta’s way of thinking and constructing. It is kinetically foldable, modifiable, but there is also a rigidversion. Klemens Grund concealed the brass folding mechanism almost invisiblyin the back leg, rather as an attractive detail than out of technical necessity.“Most people are surprised that it is foldable, as if it were some kind of magictrick,” says the designer. And there is another hallmark of the D7 that demonstratesits affinity with Tecta: Like folding chair D4 by Marcel Breuer (of 1927), once folded and stacked against the wall, the D7 has an almost sculptural quality.

Material & Colour

oak oiled
walnut oiled
brass fittings

Felt cushion, graying

Dimensions (cm)

Width: 65
Depth: 50
Height of backrest: 80

Klemens Grund (*1982) is Master carpenter. He studied design after completinghis carpentry training. He worked with Peter Zumthor. The architectural constructive philosophy that is the hallmark of Tecta’s collection is also reflected in the work of Klemens Grund.

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Photos: Thomas Ternes, Constantin Meyer