Joop Couwenberg

Young Dutch artist Joop Couwenberg was inspired by recyclable material and used it in his latest project: the cantilever stool, which he developed together with Tecta as a surprising combination of cork and steel. To make the tubular steel frame for Joop Couwenberg’s cantilever stool as lightweight and thin as possible, Tecta employed its hallmark patented “tube aplati” concept by Jean Prouvé. For this purpose the tubes of the frame are “flattened” to boost their stability and create an organic look that reveals the distribution of forces in the design. Thanks to constant demand, the flexible chair is now also available with fabric seats in a variety of colours.

Joop Couwenberg, your cantilever stool is inspired by Bauhaus – why?
One hallmark of the Bauhaus movement that I find particularly intriguing is its functional approach. For example, the triangular shape of the steel frame was consciously based on the idea that the stool should be horizontally stackable.

Why did you apply the cantilever principle?
Like the chair design of Mart Stam, I used tubular steel for the cantilever frame to make the construction more durable. I took advantage of this resilience to create a design that promotes active and upright sitting.

What inspired you to combine cork and steel?
The combination of these seemingly contrasting materials works wonderfully well in this design in many respects. The shape of the steel frame emphasises the durability and dynamism of the stool. Its warm cork seat creates a connection with the cool steel frame. The design takes advantage of the unique properties of both materials and reconciles the principles of minimalism, functionality and dynamism.

What context would be fitting for this new piece of furniture?
The stool would be suitable for an informal office, home space or restaurant. As it can be dismantled very easily, it is highly versatile and adapts to many different types of use.

Joop Couwenberg
born on:

17 June 1988 in Tilburg, Netherlands

Training: 2007–2011
Eindhoven Technical University, Department of Industrial Design, Bachelor Degree

Thomas More University Mechelen, Postgraduate Furniture Design (VOMO), Bachelor Degree with Distinction

Opening of own studio in Tilburg

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