El Lissitzky

The man who drew the future. A driving force in twentieth-century typography, El Lissitzky was gifted with boundless energy and an irrepressible urge to create. His background in engineering – he trained at the Darmstadt University of Technology from 1909 through to 1924 – lent his output a unique slant. At a fundamental level El Lissitzky approached each task as a technical challenge. While Lissitzky saw himself as an engineer, he was in fact an artist and one of the earliest Constructivists. He referred to himself as a Constructor. Both his work and writings testify to his enthusiasm for the methods of engineering, the precision of science and the technologies of modernity. El Lissitzky was an

ardent believer in the potential of science to improve the lot of mankind. A genuine all-rounder, El Lissitzky was an inventor, constructor, thinker, painter, photographer and typographer. El Lissitzky was avant-garde and oracle in one – most of his ideas remained just that and he rarely had the pleasure of savouring their realisation. That his thinking and work significantly influenced the development of the Bauhaus is undeniable however.

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